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Chamois leather

Genuine chamois leather is a unique and natural product. Selected sheepskins are 100% cod oil tanned to give the luxurious, golden, soft finish that can absorb six times its weight of water.

Hutchings & Harding chamois has a reputation for quality, and is still manufactured using traditional methods to ensure high performance and durability.

Genuine chamois leather is still the most reliable and trusted product for drying and cleaning. Scientific analysis now confirms the age-old natural qualities of chamois: softness and unique absorption.

Our chamois leather can be cut to regular shapes, squares, or left as whole skins. The leather is individually sized and graded to meet every market requirement.

We have a continuing programme of new packaging designed for distributors and retailers, together with our own Veltex® brand or private label packaging in which to present our leather.

We regularly test our products at the renowned BLC Leather Technology Centre. We meet BS 6715:1991 and all equivalent international standards.

Learn more about our Veltex® range of chamois leather from the following video.


Pittards Dry-Soft Chamois is a new concept in genuine chamois leather that is created by a unique additional tanning process. It has all the natural absorbency of traditional top-quality chamois but now dries soft, time after time, and will dry your car without smears or scratches.

The special process keeps the fibres separated for much longer than a normal chamois. This results in a longer period of absorbency during the life of the chamois and allows it to dry soft.

Dry-Soft Chamois

Pittards Dry-Soft Chamois now incorporates anti-microbial technology that prevents microbes from building up within the chamois. Pittards anti-microbial technology is chemically bonded to the leather fibre structure so these properties will remain even after repeated use, providing a longer lasting freshness to the chamois.

Learn more about Pittards Dry-Soft Chamois from the following video.

Why chamois leather?

High-quality chamois leather can be expensive, so why should you buy the real thing when you can get cheaper substitutes?

Genuine chamois leather is a natural product with unique properties, enabling it to absorb water and dirt while leaving a natural shine.

This is vitally important when you wash your car, bathroom, kitchen, silverware and so on, as residue and leftover dirt can cause the finish to look dull or scratch the surface. Synthetic chamois, whilst coming close to the drying properties of chamois leather, does not absorb dirt from the surface and therefore may smear or mark it.